Think Positive, Live Positive

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Thoughts become your reality.
Open your mind enough and you can figure this out as well.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I really hope I don’t have a bad day today” and then it ends up being the worst day? That’s because thoughts become your reality. The thought is of negative form and in the back of your mind, you thought it because you’re subconsciously worried about having a bad day.

There’s a reason behind your thought. The thought sits in your subconscious while it works to manifest your reality. Yet the only information its getting are the worries & concerns about a bad day and the filtered through thoughts ‘bad day’.

Turning your negative thoughts into positives is not hard at all. Instead of “I hope i don’t have a bad day today” you would simply re-phrase it to “I’m gonna have a great day today”. In that phrase there are no negative aspects whatsoever and there’s no way for the subconscious to filter the bad because its only good. It then gets your subconscious working to make it the truth in your reality in whatever ways possible. Changing your way of thinking could be the start of a brand new life. Thinking positively sends out positive energies to world of life forces and negative thoughts put out negative energies. And according to Karma, what you put out you receive. Positive thoughts break through the first atmosphere of negativity and reaches out from the world of positive karma and brings back positive energy to you and your reality.

Imagine a brick wall. It’s an invisible brick wall that stays with you throughout your whole life. One side is lit up with you living your life as it unfolds, and the other side is the dark unknown. You’re not even aware of this wall because you have no idea there’s another side. Things have just been happening in life that build up more Why’s and What if’s that you never stop to be happy for what you already have in your life. Your thoughts are being wrapped up and harnessed by negativity of all the bad events in your existence so far. The negativity grows vines upon vines to cover that wall up so you never know it’s there for the rest of your time here on earth.

So think about it, you’re wallowing in a world of self-pity with a rainy cloud hanging over you every step of the way. You keep dwelling in the negativity so the cloud gets bigger, darker, and the storm becomes more vicious. You always think everyone’s out to get you; Your life keeps spiraling more and more out of control. All you’re really doing is getting further and further away from a happy life because all you can do is think about why your life sucks, and why the cloud won’t stop pouring over your life.

Everything happens for a reason.

Did you ever stop to think there’s a reason behind the cloud? It’s trying to teach you to be more open-minded and positive about your way of living. Take all the experiences and negative thoughts in your life and try to turn them around to positivity. There are negatives in life so that you can learn to figure out how to apply the positives. Letting just a little positive thought into your life little by little can start to drastically brighten and clear the dark clouds. Break down the barriers of your negativity, clearing up all the dark vines from your wall, leaving you with plain sight of that wall. Once you unlock the secret in your mind, you are overwhelmed with curiosity on how to climb that wall to the endless possibilities of your new way of thinking, lighting up the other side of it all and creating a new path to be unfolded through positivity and joy.

You darken the wall with vines only for the purpose of learning through life lessons to clear it and enjoy the other side.


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