Malaysia Cyber Law Part 2

Malaysia Cyber Law Part 2

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Malaysia Cyber Law Part 1

Communication and Multimedia Act 1998

By the implementation of Communication and Telecommunication Act 1998 ensures that information is secure, the network is safe, reliable and the service is affordable all over Malaysia. In Malaysia, you can also use this act for any cases regarding your internet service provider and see whether they got accused of part of this law.

Besides that, you can also feel free to practice electronic communication as this Act also ensures high level of user’s confidence in the information and communication technology industry.

Computer Crimes Act 1997

Protection against the misuses of computers and computer criminal activities are ensured by the Computer Crimes Act 1997. Such as unauthorized use of programmes, illegal transmission of data or messages over computers and hacking and cracking of computer systems and networks are banned by this law, therefore to those who disobey this law can be charged on the court.

By implementing the Computer Crimes Act 1997, computer users can now protect their rights to privacy and build trust in the computer system. On top of that, this act also enable the government to track the illegal activities, thus reducing the cyber crimes cases.

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