5 reasons why an Internet relationship doesn’t work for a long time

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There are many people out there who fall in love with a person through the Internet.
Of course there also people who don’t believe that such things work but that’s everyone’s own choice. And if you are a person who can live without endearments and sex for a long time you won’t be bothered of such a relationship easily. If you have some patience it will work.
But will you always have this patience? I don’t guess so…So I thought  of some reasons  why such a relationship can’t work.

1. You don’t plan a shared future

If you never think of a future for both of you such a relationship can’t work at all.
A future is the only thing which won’t make you stop loving each other. As long as you have planned a shared future your love will probably stay stronger. If you don’t do it you will probably end up just deciding on your own future without integrating your beloved one.

2. You don’t trust each other
That’s a matter which is also a requirement in every real life relationship but in the Internet one it’s even more important because you never know if your love is cheating on you. That’s why if you don’t trust each other and will become jelous although there is nothing going on you will break up soon I guess

3.  Your real life is more important
That’s actually the worst case. If you are busy with your real life you won’t have time for your Internet love anymore either. Of course until that happens you probably already shared your telephone numbers so that you can phone at least. But if your love doesn’t have much time you can break up right away. He/She either lost the interest in you and doesn’t love you anymore or you his/her career is just more important than such a relationship.

4. You have never seen each other or just meet each other very rarely
If that’s the case it’s not that difficult as long as both are fine with it but eventually you want to see each other and also touch each other. So most of the time this is also a reason to break up.

5. Your beloved one leaves the Internet and decides that he/she will never come back
You will never know what happened to him or her and this is also one of the worst reasons.
But it happens from time to time not only with internet relationships but also with online friends.
But you can be sure that this person wasn’t honest to you most of the time. Don’t worry, someday you will fine the partner of life for sure.


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