Bengali Pulav

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Bengali Pulav


Rice is the staple food in Bengal. This has been such for centuries. This is why rice-based recipes are many in Bengal. Bengal means (1)West Bengal, a province in the eastern region of India and (2) Bangladesh which is a separete country.and located just to West Bengal. Now, the recipe I am going to submit is a hot favorite in this area and many a dreams are attached to it, yes, traditionally.


a) Rice, basmati, half kilogram
b) Raisin, 25 gram
c) Cashew nut, 15
d) Cloves, 5
e ) Cardamom, 5
f) Cinnamon, 2 small pieces
g) Bay leaf 3
h) Onion, 1 sliced
i) Ginger paste, 1 teaspoonful
j) Sugar, half teaspoonful
k) Saffron pinch in milk of 1 teaspoon
l) Ghee, 250 gram
m) Salt


a) Rice is cleaned and washed and spread over a big dish to get dried
b) The ghee is heated and bay leaf and sliced onion is put into it to appear golden and brown.
c) Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cashew nuts and ginger paste are mixed together and stirred and waited so that the content appears light brown.
d) Rice, salt and sugar are put and stirred for some minutes.
e) Raisin and saffron mixture are put to it and stirred gently/
f) Hot water of about 5 cups are poured and mixed well.
g)The content is covered and allowed to be cooked and stirred off and on.
h) Rice is now garnished with nuts and fried onion.
The recipe is ready now.For

Wonderful smell taste and full-belly meal


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