5 common reasons to forget about your real life and just live your virtual life

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1. You are unemployed
In our society it’s not so easy anymore to get a proper job. The financial crisis doesn’t make it easier any way. Most of the time you have to write tons of applications to have some success. If you don’t have a proper education it’s also a disadvantage to get a job. So people will either tend to become a couch potato and doing nothing, meeting their friends or sitting at the computer. Writing applications on the computer has become a must as well so you have not really another way. And if you get all frustrated with your not existing career, it also might happen to you that you start finding a job online or try to make some money online. Even if you won’t find much you will often try to find stuff over and over again because you want to find the ultimate way. The imagination to earn money for nothing is sleeping in everyone of us.

2. You have no real life friends
Usually it’s not pretty common not to have friends anymore but there are also some people like that who are outsiders and never really could fit in the society. So they will probably go to the Internet as well and try to find some virtual friends at least, since no one can live without relationships.

3. You saw an ad for a online-game on TV
That’s a matter which happens to many people. They will sign up to such an online-game like WoW and sometimes they will get so addicted of that they can’t stop playing anymore. It’s also pretty easy to get addicted because it’s a never ending game and as long as you enjoy yourself you feel happy and also forget the time. And quicker than you think you will sit in front of your computer for the whole day.
I also have some personal experience with this. Once I played such an online game for several months. This online-game was at least for free which made it maybe easier to get addicted because if you are stingy and don’t want to pay anything you will go with such games. However most of the time you will be able to join guilds and with those guild members you will often talk to via Teamspeak with your headset. There are several people in my old guild who where online like 24hours a day. At least it looked like that. There was this one man who had a family with children. The only things he did was either playing that online-game, going to work or sleep. That was really sad somehow since he also had little children.

4. You find a fandom which you can not attend outside of the Internet
There are many fandoms like that. For example you are totally into Chinese culture, music and movies. You won’t be able to find many stuff at your place if you live for example in Europe.  That’s why you will be often online to search for the latest News and to contact your online friends of this fandom.
This can be really dangerous as well because some people will not be able to stop being online to search for the latest news. Might sound strange but there are people like that who like different cultures and such stuff so much that their only hobby will become this foreign country and they will forget that they actually not live in that country even if it is their biggest wish to live there and live this life which they already do virtually.

5. You lost any interest in anything
You either decide to commit suicide or you crawl in your fantasy world you call Internet.
It’s anonymous and you can decide which places you want to go to. You are not caught at your place. Actually you are still caught at your home but you will might think that you are in another world. Every website is different and looks like another place depending on your use.
Some places are of course not legal like in real life but the chance to get caught for your deeds is also smaller. It’s a difference if you go to a shop and steal a dvd or you download it illegal on the Internet. And if you don’t want to be a thief of course  you can buy it online without going outside at all.

To be honest you can get actually everything on the Internet you want to have but you won’t be able to meet people and touch them for real and you also won’t be able to satisfy your daily wants like going to the toilet.

And I wouldn’t recommend such a lifestyle either because you will just lose more than you will achieve. And once you will have situations that also such a virtual life won’t make you happy. So you should really think about it if you want to keep such a lifestyle and try to live your real life once again.


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