Cooking With Honey

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Cooking With Honey

brotee mukhopadhyay

We are grateful to the Honeybees who collect nectar from flowers and add enzymes to it and produce honey.

A great food to cook with


a) Sugar (glucose and fructose mainly) : 80%
b) Water : 18%
c) Minerals (iron, copper, calcium,
Potassium, phosphorus,
Zink, magnesium, manganese)

Vitamins (riboflavin, niacin,
thiamin, B6)
Pantothenic and amino acid : 02%

Properties of Honey for cooking:

a) Being hygroscopic Honey draws and retains moisture and thus may be used for baking cakes.
b) It may be used for cold drinks and hot teas as sweetener.
c) It is rich with special flavor and hence it is necessarily demanded.
d) It may be used for sauces and pickles as it preservative.
e) It has emulsifying property or viscosity and it may be used to shape cakes, puddings, pastries and such other desserts.
f) It provides beautiful golden color to the food like desserts, jellies or sauces.

How to incorporate honey into their diets

On proportion and measurement of sugar and water in Honey:

For one cup of sugar – Honey is twice as sweet as sugar. So, 1/2 cup of honey is to be considered.
For one cup of water – For 1/2 cup of honey 20% (1/5th) of that 1/2 cup of honey (or 1/10th cup) is water. So water in the recipe is to be reduced by 1/10th cup, and end up adding 9/10th cup of water, instead of a full cup.

Steps to be taken for incorporating Honey into food:

a) One cup of Honey weighs 12 ounces.
b) The container is to be slightly coated with vegetable spray to allow the Honey get slided easily.
c) For each cup of sugar half cup of Honey is used and as it is hygroscopic one-fourth cup of water is required.
d) Longer time of beating is needed.
e) In order to neutralize the acidity of Honey half teaspoon baking soda for one cup of Honey may be used.
f) Temperature : Generally 25 degree Fahrenheit of temperature and for jams, jellies or candies the temperature is slightly raised.
g) Care should be taken as Honey leaves some flavor.

.Healthful Properties

Nutritional properties:

a) Honey is antioxidant and it is fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free.
b) One tablespoon of Honey has 64 calories.
c) It has Glyceride Index and hence its sugar is slowly absorbed into the blood and thus better digestion is possible. But excessive intake may cause problem with the insulin balance in the body.
d) With the help of vitamin and mineral contains and being cholesterol free it checks obesity.

Remedial qualities:

a) Honey draws moisture from air and acts as a healer in case of sore throats, cough, cuts and burns.
b) It acts wonderfully against yeast infection, athlete foot and arthritis pain.
c) It is antiseptic and checks certain bacteria.
d) Being anti-bacterial it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and relieves pain and heals scarring.
e) Honey may be charged to relieve hangover caused by alcohol.
f) It works against sleeplessness if a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey is taken.
g) If one feels low one teaspoon of honey may act wonderfully.
h) Honey with cinnamon may be applied to have good result for hair loss and bad breath.
i) One may get relief from obesity if honey is taken with lime.
Physicians can only prescribe the quantities of all the above-said.


In India and in China Honey has been used as a medicine from the ancient days.


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