Computer Crimes

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Computer Crimes

A criminal activity done with the help of computer is known as computer crime. Computer Fraud, Computer Attack, Computer theft and Copyright Infringement are the example of computer crimes. In this 21st century, many people had violated the cyber law and they tend to always commit computer crimes.

Computer Fraud

Computer fraud is the act of a person who uses computer to cheat or misguide other people which could cause loss to the targeted victim for their own benefit. Among the usual tactic used in computer fraud are e-mail hoaxes, programme fraud, investment schemes, sales promotions and claims of expertise on certain fields. On top of that, internet user should also be aware as there are many computer frauds nowadays such as scam and hacking. There are also many false information on the internet too, therefore you have to be smart to choose a source of reference. To do so, view my profile and bookmark me. ^.^

Computer Attack

Computer attack can be done physically to the computer hardware and also its stored data. A people who spoilt other people computer hardware or corrupt others people files and information stored in the computer are examples of computer attack. This include the use of malicious code( virus, worms, Trojan, etc) to exploit a weakness of other’s computer or software.

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