Canon PowerShot A1000 IS

My colleague, Gui-Ping Wang recently bought a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS, I have used many times, I feel good with, photography has very good results. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS models are practical and inexpensive, there is no large-sized LCD, no optical zoom 6. But make people feel more A1000 IS is to enrich the scene mode, as long as the price of 133.99 U.S. dollars as a home model is practical choice. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS using 1/2.3 inch 10 million pixel CCD, with 4 optical zoom lens, equivalent to the standard focal length of 35-140 mm, and with Optical Image Stabilizer, you can easily meet the demand for day-to-day filming. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS volume than on previous models change very many, the handle position to streamline the design, get in the hands will not feel too light, matte texture of the handle the handle, or feel good. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS only the size of the measurements 95.4×62.4×31.0 mm, are currently the smallest A series of models is very convenient to carry out. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS back the LCD screen is a bit inadequate, are 2.5-inch 115,000 pixel, pixels, some low. 2.5 inches 230,000 pixels has long been the standard in many low-end models had. Fortunately, Canon PowerShot A1000 IS’s LCD display colorful than the old models of 115,000 pixel LCD should be a lot of progress, the general use is still quite good.

Appearance looks good! Basic configuration is very practical! Comparison of fashion! Cost-effective product! Canon A1000 there is no manual functions, the so-called “part manual” only in the P profile (exposure process) can adjust the exposure compensation when it, together with a number of scene modes (Portrait, Landscape, Night Landscape, Macro, etc.), exposure compensation and the fundamental not a manual function.

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