Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman

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Give a unique touch features moment when the vendor has launched a new series. As the new W580i Sony Ericsson released. As one of the walkman series phones, in addition to a feature player, the W580i also provided facilities sensor movement. So, while listening to music, sports activities such as walking or running can be measured how many calories are burned, including how many kilometers that have been adopted.

It comes with sliding design, tongkrongan W580i is a little similar to the S550i. Similarity is also visible when we observe a fluorescent light on the phone when sliding and drawn on a phone call. Key shortcut for accents on the side of the body of the phone, W580i only profile that provides the key functions also as the volume when we activate the feature Walkman 2.0 music player. While there is only one speaker who is in the top of the screen.

Mobile phone keypad, such as the public key numbers and letters can be operated with the first move the top of the phone. Once the visible range sliding numeric keypad and the alphabet color light blue background. While the face, before sliding on the phone, there are several shortcut buttons for one of them play music.

As a walkman series phone, W580i has features Seeing the walkman music player. As usual, in this feature we can find a number of facilities such as the player mode, Equalizer, stereo widening, visualization, megabass, and skins. Interesting applications that can also control movement allows a song in the playlist is selected randomly when we move to use the phone. Voters who emerged from the music player is quite bearable, just the sound quality when using the headset carried only slightly better than using the speakers.

May use a bluetooth headset plus A2DP technology can make the dish sound this phone better. Support for storing files this song appears with an external memory card up to 2Gb, in addition to the internal memory of 12 Mb.

W580i on camera 2 Mpix resolution without flash. This camera can be used to record images and video with various facilities. For images such as the option to set up effects, night mode, white balance, self timer, up to SHUTTER sound. In addition there is support for the results of the image directly to a blog or edit at will.

While for the video, the results rekamannya good enough, even if the image delay. This is visible when the record is used for broadcast television, the audio was recorded clearly heard. We can play the video recording that we did with the media player.


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