Medifast Plus Health Management

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Medifast has a range of products that are aimed at people with different needs to most.  These products are call the Medifast Plus group.  This article has a run through the group and how they might help you reach your weight loss goal.

Medifast Plus for Diabetics

This clinically developed group of shakes contains negligible amounts of sugars and carbohydrates so dieters who have type 2 diabetes can still use the weigh loss program.
Please confer with your physician or medical specialist before ordering or beginning the diet just to make sure it is suitable for you.  They will make sure it suits your own essentials and can be part of your existing diet.

Medifast Plus and Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition that affects a large portion of people.  Medifast has created a group of products to help relieve some of this pain and also allow for you to take part in a weight loss program.

Medifast Plus for Joint Health has been developed to be rich in glucosamine and chondroitin to aid in lowering the pain suffered in your joints and also assist in repairing arthritis caused damage.   Beneficial levels of these 2 supplements are a recommended 1000mg per day.  It is recommended that you take 3 serves of the Plus Joint Health product a day with 2 normal Medifast meals to get the most benefit of the supplements.

It is important to speak to your Dr. or specialist before you stop taking any present arthritis treatment because it is possible that the amounts in Medifast are less than what you are currently prescribed.  They can be used in conjuction though so professional advice is essential.

Medifast Plus for Women’s Health

Women suffering the effects of menopause will be delighted to know that Medifast Plus for Women’s Health has been formulated with supplements know to relieve the symptoms such as chaste tree berry, echinacea and black cohosh.

Please consult your Dr. if you are looking to start using Medifast Plus for Women’s health if you are already undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Medifast Plus for Coronary Health

One of the biggest killers in the modern society is heart disease.  A lot of these problems could be avoided with a healthy diet and regualr exercise.  Medifast Plus for Coronary Health has been created to help prevent the heart disease caused from poor diets.

These shakes contain a combination of amino acides, Pycnogenol, Coenzyme Q10 which naturally fight off causes of diet related heart disease.  The shakes use Vitamin K as its active ingredient so it is crucial you speak to your Dr. before starting this diet.

Well that is a long list of the contrasting options that Medifast offer in their Medifast Plus shakes and substitutes.  Now there is no excuse for not taking part in a liquid weight loss program.

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