FAPTurbo Swiss – Revolutionary Automated Forex Trading System

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Advantages of Dukascopy:

  • Swiss Accuracy: SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace Platform has been designed for highly accurate instant execution exclusively for professionals.
  • Dukascopy offers some of the best spreads available in the market (0.5 – 1 pip on Majors) thanks to the worldwide liquidity generated by the active participants.
  • Dukascopy (Suisse) SA is registered in Switzerland and is submitted to Swiss laws.

The Fapturbo-Swiss Edition Features:

Dukascopy deals just with huge clients and their marketplace has been designed for high performance, lightning fast execution.. the stuff only banks used to trade with. This elevates our winning formula to new heights and a cash growing stability that is unheard of. A Level of professionality you could never reach with the metatrader 4 plattform that was designed to fit the needs of many brokerages and therefore

  • Fapturbo based Winning Engine

Fapturbo has proven its ground and system for months of profitable trades. We actually trade over a million usd in capital with this robot and have finetuned the scalping style to fit the dukascopy plattform resulting in an awesome performance

  • Additional Tweaking and Optimization was performed to ensure maximum quality
  • Partial Fills – no more offquotes/requites.

Unlike Metatrader brokerages, Dukascopy offers almost unlimited liquidity. This is Very important once you hop over the magical 50.000-100.000 usd trading barrier? Not with Dukascopy 🙂 The mone hortingwill just keep going and NOT slow down..

  • 3 currency pairs!

Fapturbo Swiss Edition is a 3 in 1 robot. It will trade the EURGBP. EURCHF and the USDCAD pairs with maximum performance. The fully revamped Fapturbo code gives new life to the USDCAD pair

  • Low and reasonable spreads during Asian session
  • One Robot – One Broker. Period.

No more hussles to find a broker to rely on. No more Brokerage switching opening closing, opening closing…

  • No more Metatrader Lags and Execution delays

The DUkascopy marketplace is very stable and executes your orders at lightning fast speeds. The delay is minimal and allows Fapturbo Swiss edition to work just like it would in dmeo mode. It will boggle your mind how fast you will see the profits rolling in.. actually within minutes after the install process!

  • True Interbank Environment – > no dealing desk tricks and spread-price manipulation.

Dukascopy is a broker that wants yout os ucceed. Unlike other brokerages it features a real interbank environment and earns just by charging comissions for trades and NOT for winning ont rades that you loose.

  • The Robot is working directly with the Dukascopy SWFX 3.0i FX Marketplace Terminal

There is no need for any trade copiers, bridges or 3th party software converting solutions that never work. This is the first true SWFX 3.0i Robot available on the market

  • Automated installer and Easy Guide

The setup is childsplay. You download the files execute them.. watch the automated configuration process for 1-2 minutes and you are ready to make money!

  • Video Tutorials and How to Install step by step guide

Original Fapturbo owners already know.. We offer step by step video tutorials that take you by hand guiding you trough the really simple setup process and answer every question that you might have. A forum helps to exchnage ideas with other fellow traders. Help is available on multiple fronts, via E-mail Phone Forum, video tutorials and so much more. You will never feel alone 🙂

You know… at first we did NOT want to release this. It works like a magic charm and is truly capable of gving a person that has absoluteley No clue about forex the chance to make not only an extrordinary income from it but to reach true financial freedom.

After thinking it trough carefully we decided to release it to a selected circle of people only. We have to admit that we do not walk on the mother teresa path by doing so but because we are able to get much more research data from you and feedback in our forums that help us stay on top of the game and when needed update the Swiss Fapturbo FREE of charge .Real time data is very valuable for us and will ensure that we keep rocking this business and the forex scene with this robot. You reading this letter means that you belong to this elite circle and have the chance to get your swiss robot.. but you have to take the chance now because in a few days.. maybe within a few hours you will see a huge “sold out” sign here and the chance will be over. I assure you this is no marketing mumbo jumbo. The doors will close very VERY soon.





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