Bird talk the magazine

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This magazine comes monthly I have almost all of them they are the best magazines I know.Here are steps on how to order them.

1.turn on your computer up the internet page

3.type in the address bar the home page on the right there will be a large button and on it will say subscribe to bird talk. the button

6.get your parents permission

7.fill out all the questions with your parents

8.allow 6-8 weeks before delivery

And those are the eight steps on how to get your first birdtalk magazine.They sell amazing magazines with tips you never imagined I always follow the tip sand now guess what my birds step on my shoulder and let me groom them.Remember that you will have to pay using discover card,paypal,master card,and more.You can also choose if you want e-mails coming to your e-mail with news.They will aslo ask if they can give your e-mail to other product companies.Birdtalk has lot’s of contest so be sure to enter one and see if you win the grand prize you will be amazed if you find your little plucker with a pluck no more bottle just for writing a story about your bird and how you met.You can also buy the magazine wild birds if you are into wild birds.If you choose to ask them a question contact them and they will answer in at least 24 hours.Please read all of my contacts.Bird talk comes each month and hey have amazing stories that you will enjoy reading all day and all night.Ok well maybe not at night.


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