Dog Clicker Training Method

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Clicker training is an to learn, easy to teach, and easy to apply. This type of training is based off of the foundation of ignore the bad, and praise the good. When the dog does something good he gets a click, treat, and sometimes a priase from the owner.

Step 1: Associate The Click with something good

To clicker train a dog first you must have a clicker. These are sold at many local pet stores.After you have a clicker you must find a treat that the dog thinks is worthy of obeying for. First click, then give treat.Make sure that the dog is understanding the concept.

Step 2: Training the Dog

There are many things you can train a dog to do.One of the simplest things you can train them to do is to sit.First you must have something they want. Place it somewhere where they can’t reach it. Soon the dog will try all that it knows to get that something that they want.As soon as the dog sits click them and give them a little piece of the thing they want. Do this until they understand that by sitting they will get a reward.Once they understand how to sit give them the whole thing that they wanted. Next you have to make him understand that sit means sit. You do this by holding a prize in your hand above them. They already know that to get that prize they have to sit. As soon as you hold up the prize say “sit”. Once they sit give them a click and a treat. Do this until they sit on command.

You can train a dog to do many things using this method.


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