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Not less than forty-five thousand candidates sat for the last Post Joint Admission and Matriculation Board test at the university of Lagos, with each student paying as much as N2,000; Despite the face-saving declaration by the federal government that paying for such test is wrong, the university cannot be blame as Unfortunately, most graduate get out of these institution with so-called degrees and diplomas all glossy paper -without any technical knowledge or ability to think creatively to solve some basic human problems. It’s all about theory, theory and theory! Little wonder an Indian or Lebanese with little or no formal education but with a robust technical and scientific knowledge- come to lord things over our graduates here.

Instead of continuing to waste our time, let us look beyond the school environment and start tapping from the abundance, which professional courses have to offer the ones focusing more on individual creativity rather than the stress test called examination.

We must also remember that any course of study that one cannot fall back on after retirement is not worth its onions. Let us learn to hone our individual skills and talents that can the institution is dancing to a well written government symphony, especially when privatization is the order of the day.

The development is an attestation to the fact that despite all the motivational talk going on all over the country, youth are still glued to the idea of getting a certificate by all means possible. We are yet to look beyond the classroom even with the soaring rate of unemployment.

Only recently, I was one of the thousands who trooped to write an aptitude test conducted by an oil corporation; Despite all the efforts we put in, we were told the vacancies were below one hundred.

With the way thing are going, we might be pushed to a point where the degrees and diplomas we are struggling to get are not worth a dime.

From all indications, it seems the youths in the country are not reading the handwriting on wall. We do not seem to realize that anytime the issue of unemployment is raised, what the holders of state power do is to advocate farming as if the noble profession should serve as a last resort for any frustrated graduate.


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