Keep the Romantic Fire Burning

Love is powerful and even more powerful than death. Only those who have experienced true love understand what I am saying. The key to building a blissful and even a romantic relationship with our mates is for us to understand that men and women are different. Everyone was created in just a unique way. No one talks or acts like you do. We are special before God and that is why he loves us dearly.

Psalm 50:2


“Out of Zion the perfection of beauty, God will shine forth”.


It is more noble to love the person next to you than it is to love mankind in general. Keeping the romantic fires burning is our sole responsibility especially to those of us that are married. What a wonderful thing it is for us to love someone and continue in that love. It’s also crucial that we experience the same kind of love we give to people or even a greater love. When you love someone dearly but he/she does not love you, it’s known as “Lovelorn”.

The most important and romantic room in the house is any room other than the bedroom – the laundry room, the kitchen, the study. This is where friendship, relationships and communication are established and you affirm that your mate is important to you and far more than just a sex object.

There has to be a kind of agreement between couples in order to keep that glorious moment they had on the first day burning. Your mate is first and foremost your friend, someone you could share your needs with. And as such, he/she should know your needs feelings and attend to it. There are good ship and bad ship, but the best of them all is “friendship”.

The fire of passion starts out burning brightly but diminishes over the years. However, the fires of friendship should increase more and more.

I speak from so many years of being married to the same beautiful and redheaded lady. Today, we talk more and enjoy little things more than ever. This morning as she gave me a hug, she reminded me about the ice show which starts at 7:30 tonight. I immediately suggested we leave at five, assure ourselves of a good parking place, and have dinner together. She laughingly agreed and said, “Hey, that’s a date!”

That’s the way you keep those romantic fires burning.

Are you down right now about your love? It’s always nice to read write-ups like this that would make a difference. I believe you have come to your place of refuge. Read it. Believe it and let it be applied. In no time, your love will be renewed forever.

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