Running Errands Online Makes You Real Money

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Running errand has been regarded as an infant work. My mother would always send me to get milk and seasonings from the nearby grocery shop. I still remember that vividly even as I unveil this rare truth to you. The world has really changed. The real errand is no longer offline but online. The internet has really taken over virtually everything. Now you can make money doing these simple jobs.

The truth is that Chief Executive Officers, Chairman, Managing Directors and off course functional managers do not do this jobs. Such jobs are considered menial. They rather keep their ego up. They are supposed to be on an Executive meeting with top Government officials. Why wasting their precious time running errands. Well, whatever will put nice meals on my table is not bad. I am also a Master Degree Holder but that has never given me money. I pay my bills just by running errands.

Let me show you the few jobs that people do not like doing online. You can do it and get paid. Such errands include:

(1). Online customer care attendant.
You are to answer phone calls. Attend to clients needs and forward the necessary enquiries to the person who is immediately above you. You don’t even need to be there to do it. It is virtual. In order to do this kind of errand, you only need a reliable phone. Set out your most convenient time and that’s all. When you apply for this position, your phone will be redirected to the office phone of your employer. When a call comes, it diverts to your own phone. You answer as if you are in the organization. Later on, forward everything to the management and expect your check as soon as possible.

(2). Typographic Errors. Some real companies will even employ you to detect any error on their website. You know that big errors can cause damage to the goodwill of the company. Your job is to surf a particular website which they will send to you, when you discovers a typographic error whatsoever, report the exact spot to the owners. They will review if it’s actually a fault. When this is done, you will be paid either weekly ranging from $250 – $400.

(3). Reading Mails. I suppose you have been hearing about this form of online errand? Well, big companies like eBay, Google,. Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos, Jayde etc are willing to pay you for this. We all know how often they receive mails. About 2000 mails in a day is a tedious job for them. They are all high paid Executives and wouldn’t want to do this form of job for a little pay. You can do it for them and get paid. You register with them; they send you mails that are related to your niche. You read and explain what it says to them and they just pay you every week. They pay about $20 per mail. You could read about 10 mails today. How much is that to you?

This is just but a few of the jobs you can do online without lifting an eyebrow. You don’t even need to pay to become a member. This opportunity is still fresh and new. Few people are making real money from this. Join the crew.


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