How to Advertise Your Blog Effectively?

Forums – This is one of the effective ways to advertise your blog to the public. You can put your website’s link in your signature area. Most of the forums offer this feature.

Visit Other Blogs – Someone should break the ice. Just think of that saying. You need to do the first move by visiting different blogs and leave a valuable comments with your blog link of course. The reason why this Blog Advertising is very effective because comments can be stored in one’s blog for 25 days or lifetime. It only means that your link will stay there forever, unless the blog owner shut the blog off. Give valuable comments and your comment will most likely to be read by people and check your website.

Blog Directories – For me this is a lot of work but if you are full of enthusiasm and will to advertise your blog this is the easiest to do yet hard to do. Confusing? I know I’m confused too! Blog Directories, try it!

Search Engines – Submitting your blog to search engines. To tell you the truth, I am not really fan of this method. I think this is a time killer. Some people told me that submitting my blog in major search engines is one of the best way to advertise. Well, I agree to them, but I think it is not necessary to submit your blog in Search Engines because they do it automatically. They send spiders or what ever you call those tracker, any way those tracker will help your blog appear in search engines. To those who is planning to submit one, there are free and paid method in submitting your blog. Google it and you will see.

Bookmarking Online – Digg, Technorati,, and Furl are some of the examples of Online Bookmarking sites. This is one of the best method in advertising your blog as far as I concern.

Pings – This is the most important thing to do, submit your blog updates in or

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