How to save an ageing marriage?

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How to save an ageing marriage?

Over the years in a marriage, with the responsibility of kids and other financial and familial issues, marriage takes a back-seat. Partners start taking each other for granted, resultantly marriage also becomes just another duty. But this monotony can be damaging for the health of your marriage.

Just like you have to consciously work with kids to help them in their studies or have to work-out to stay fit, similarly a successful marriage also requires constant and conscious effort. Infact keeping the spark alive in marriage should always be your priority:

Talk intimately to each other: Communication can make or mar a relationship. Talk your heart out to each other. Share your work experiences, thoughts and worries. The more you talk, the easier it will be to bridge your gaps.

Spend quality time with each other: There is no doubt about the fact that kids needs your undivided attention, but the wants of your partner are no less significant. So, plan out adult trips, go for long drives, have romantic outings. Try to rediscover your relationship and look at yourselves as a couple for a change.

Keep laughing: Keep the atmosphere in the house jovial and cheerful. Share your funny moments and jokes. This helps in doing away with any sort of tension and the chances of confrontation become minimal.

Put your partner on a pedestal: When sitting with your kids, always speak kindly of each other. This not only pleases your spouse, but your kids will also respect you and your marriage. Avoid any confrontation in front of kids because when fought with in the presence of kids, one feels doubly humiliated.

Keep no anger repressed: There should never be any unresolved issues. Donot leave arguments and discussions open-ended because this leads to tension in the house. Make it a point to resolve the issues at hand with immediate discussion.

In order to make marriage endearing, give space to each other, at the same time, it is pertinent that you spend quality time with each other. So, re-kindle the spark and try to be just lovers for a while, you will see there will be enough fire to keep you two going strong for years to come.


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