The Moisture within the Rock

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I was at a coffee shop a few months ago, when one of my friends happened to walk in looking rather sad and downcast. It worried me, as I had never seen him in this state before. It is rather difficult to go straight out and ask a person why he is not himself without wandering how your best-intended inquiry will be taken. After casually inquiring and talking on general matters, I subtly asked him if he was in any kind of difficulty. He told me that he was out of employment, and I referred him to a Company who needed someone of his stature. He was engaged on my recommendation, and was able to negotiate a decent salary more than his expectations. This gave me a sense of goodwill and I was very happy for him.

It was after about a month, when I saw him again, he seemed an even more worried man than before. I asked him why he seemed to be worried. He told me that his manager is a short-tempered person and he found it very difficult to cope with this sort of temperament. To my utter
disappointment, he added he wanted to quit his job, as he could not cope with
the stress anymore.

Then I told him about a recent real incident that involved a woman officer in the USA. She was working as a chief officer in a manufacturing company in New York. Her immediate manager used to berate her in a very harsh manner, very often in the presence of others for even the most trivial matters. His words hurt her deeply, even after she left her workplace and returned home.
It reached a stage, when she could no longer stand the humiliation and stress; she thought it best to quit her job.

She however, consulted with a psychologist before deciding to submit her resignation. The doctor told her to continue in the job for another three months. He added, “Young lady, even the worst man will have a few good qualities. You find out the good qualities in him and appreciate them honestly. If you do not find any changes even after three months you can quit” She liked his idea and agreed to try it.

She noticed that her manager had very good dress sense. She complimented him on his taste, and choice of clothes, one day when they were alone. It seemed to work a little. Then one day she marveled at his immense technical knowledge and skills, and mentioned that this must contribute considerably to the company’s benefit.

Three months later, she visited the psychologist with an invitation to her wedding. Yes, you have guessed it right; the bridegroom was none other than the so-called angry man. This story impressed my friend very much. He liked the idea as well, and told me that he would try it.

The recent news is that things are moving in a much better manner now, and he is able to relate
well with his manager and work in a much more cordial atmosphere.



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