Myspace Mobsters free train increase that mob

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  1. Myspace Mobsters on one of those fun applications it is a mafia style combat RPG-game That virtually allows you to live the life of a mob boss on Myspace Mobsters. You can join my free train here.

In order to move up through the ranks in Myspace Mobsters and become more powerful you need to have a large mob of friends. When you increase your mob in the game, you can complete the higher-level missions and fight better.

Also for some of the more expensive properties, you need to have many members in your mob. Land that is more expensive means you have more money coming in to support that huge mob. Buy land often and always be on the move to increase your mob.

How do you get associates to join you, when you only have 100 friends and most are professionals within your age group? That is a question I had myself. The answer is very simple my friends, join a free train.

I am middle aged (sigh) yet I play often. That is easy. Let others know that you play as well. Join the free train here on this page by leaving your url below in the comment section.

Do not forget to join the free myspace mobsters train in the comment section today. You can also head over to the other article I wrote, for over 7,000 more people like yourself. All these people are also looking to increase their gang, help them and yourself at the same time.


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