How you can become a great manager

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A great manager is essential in every company and can make the difference to grow faster than other companies. These managers are not always those with the highest degrees but they need skills to succeed in business. A good manager can be considered as the motor of the company and through experience they can grow in the future to great managers.

There are many good managers in several companies and they are satisfied when they can maintain a certain success of the company; a great manager has long term goals and skills to develop a strategy which will grow the company to certain heights.

A great manager is successful in business and has a good vision of all the work which need to be delivered in the company and knows how to motivate, delegate and follow up all the work which need to be done. If a manager wants to become a great manager he needs certain qualities which may distinguish him from a good manager and certainly from a bad manager.

Here are some qualities which you need to become a great manager:


A great manager needs a vision for the future to expand his business and reach certain goals for the company. He has knowledge of the productivity of the company and can judge if certain investments are necessary and will obtain long time effects. An insight of the financial situation of the company is necessary to know if certain decisions are reachable without taking too much risk which can lead to a financial disaster.


It is important communicating your vision to your whole team and also to discuss it. Your team might have other opinions and everyone can contribute to the final decisions which need to be taken. A great manager needs to explain the latter his employees needs to follow and the staff of his team can suggest some alternatives which may result in an alternative plan.


Planning is an important issue to succeed in business. A great manager has short term and long term goals for the company. Some goals need to be reached within a short time and with a minimum of costs and maximum profit. In some circumstances a manager need to decide if he needs more personnel to get a job done but it is also possible that a freeze of recruitment for the near future is necessary.

Planning for the long term requires an efficient budget plan. A great manager needs this plan to decide if some investments are realistic to achieve some goals in the future. This might cost some jobs and even profit during the first years but he needs to ensure that these investments are necessary to increase the production and the profit of the company in the future.

*Dealing with people

A great manager needs capacities which are necessary to deal comfortable with people. He needs certain social skills; people have different opinions and characteristics and he needs capacities to create good team work. He need to be a good listener and knows how to delegate tasks.

Team work is not easy and a great manager needs skills to understand the attitudes of his employees. There may be some trouble in a team and listening to their motivations might help to find solutions for their problems. A great manager has an open mind for suggestions of his team and it is possible that some employees disagree some of his decisions; in this way he will try to reach an acceptable compromise but he need to be focused on the goals of his previous decisions. Some alternatives in his original decisions might help to reach better results.

Delegating tasks to his employees is another important quality of a great manager. Everyone can delegate tasks but a great manager knows perfectly which tasks need to be done and he will create a staff team which can provide the most efficient result of these tasks. Everyone of this team has different responsibilities but he will care for good team work which is necessary to reach the goals. A great manager will delegate but he can’t give away the ultimate responsibility.

*Motivation of his/her team

A great manager will motivate every employee and all the members of his staff team to achieve certain goals. Most everyone wants their work is appreciated and showing respect is “a must need” quality of a great manager. He needs happiness in his team and only motivation can reach this goal.

Rewarding is important; everyone works for money but you can stimulate their motivation by creating some extra rewards, for example it they reach a certain production, a share in the profit of the company, gift certificates or some others. Appreciation and the possibility of a growing career are important motivation keys which can motivate every employee of your team and will have long term benefits for the company.

*Flexibility and patience

Working with a team is not always an easy job. A great manager needs to give commands which are not always popular. Some tasks can create resentment in his team; a great manager needs flexibility and patience to solve these problems between his employees. Communication is important and some flexibility and especially patience can solve these problems.

It is necessary to give employees the chance to discuss some commands and be honest with them. You may have taken the right decision; there is always a possibility to alternate your commands if they can convince you that you didn’t take the right decision. Flexibility is necessary and can result in better decisions.

*A positive attitude

A great manager needs self confidence and to believe in his capacities to succeed in business. There is no manager who will succeed in everything but a positive attitude will help him to conquer any adversity. They know how to deal with stress and strive always to better results.

There are many good managers and most of their capacities are the same as these of a great manager. It is real growing process to become a great manager; experience and the lessons from the past will contribute to become a great manager. A great manager will have a perfect vision to the future and growing possibilities of the company and his positive attitude makes him stronger to achieve successful results.


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