Camouflage Methods for an Ammo Can Geocache

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Geocachers love a challenge when it comes to finding those hidden boxes and containers in the woods. One of the most popular types of geocache, due to its durability and intrinsic camouflage, is the ammo can. An ammo can and is a rectangular box that is usually painted army drab green or even has a camouflage pattern on it.

For many geocache hiders, green paint is simply not enough. To make the hide even more difficult to find, consider these camouflage methods for an ammo can geocache.

Ammo Can Geocache Camouflage – Paint Techniques

Traditional camouflage has to do with the method of painting an object. Depending on the area you plan to hide the ammo can geocache in, you need to paint the can green, black, brown or tan. Stencils for camouflage patterns can be purchased or you can simply make abstract blobby shapes or spray paint around leaves. The paint technique you use should match the locale of the geocache.

Ammo Can Geocache Camouflage – Dirt and Rock

Spray adhesive, found in any home or hardware store, is a great product for camouflage in the geocaches. Collect some dirt, sand, gravel or small pebbles from the location you intend to hide it. Then simply spray on some adhesive and stick the dirt or other material to the sides and top of the ammo can. Larger rocks should be stuck on with more substantial glue or even the type of silicone sealant.

Ammo Can Geocache Camouflage – Plant Life

Plants, especially dried leaves and grasses as well as branches, can also be glued to the outside of an ammo can geocache to heighten the camouflage technique. Again, it is important to gather these plans from the location you intend to hide the cache. You do not want pine needles stuck to an ammo can geocache that will end up sitting in an oak forest.

One of the more popular easy methods of hiding an ammo can geocache is to cover it with a pile of random sticks. These are usually difficulty one caches meaning that they are very easy to find. This is because a pile of broken sticks stands out in the otherwise random jumble of the forest floor. Still, it is possible to re-create this effect by gluing sticks to the ammo can geocache. Since you can glue them in such a way as to be seemingly random and sticking out at different directions, it will make camouflage in the ammo can easier.

Other camouflage methods for ammo can geocaches exist. There are innumerable places to hide a geocache with widely varied settings. If it is your intention to make the cache more difficult to find, the camouflage techniques must borrow their style from the particular location the cache is in.


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