Adopting Kids

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About 5 Years ago my wife and I found out that we could not have kids and we wanted them so we looked into adoption. We first had to take adoprion classes. They were every Saturday for 5 weeks. It was really interesting and full on information. You learned how to be a parent of a foster kid and also what there problems and concerns might be comming into a new home. We had alot of role playing exercises that helped us out alot. We were foster parents for about 5 years before we were able to adopt. People told us that being foster parents is the easiest way to adopt children. After we completed the course and passed we had to have our home inspected. A member of child protective services cam to our house and looked it over to see if it was ok. They make sure that we had a fire escape plan in case there was one. The also checked to see how many bedrooms we had in order to determine how many kids we could foster. We qualified for 3 kids.

Now the wait was on. A couple of weeks after the home inspection they called us and wanted to know if we were able to foster 2 kids. They gave us the information on the kids and we said yes. They came that afternoon and it was really different for me and my wife having them in the house for the first time. I can remember them still to this day. After about a month they went to live with there grand-parents. Since then we got 5 different sets of kids before my daughter came into our life. We had to wait for both parents to sign there rights away and then we were able to adopt her. Now in the meantime while we were fostering all of the kids we had a case worker assigned to us that would come over and check on the kids to see how they were doing and also we had to go to court and tell the judge how they are doing. We had to do this when we adopted our 3 kids now that we got through the foster care system. They have been a blessing to my wife and I ever since we got them. Now there has been many a bad day but we love them just the same. I Think Adoption is a good thing to do.


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