How to exercse safely

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How to exercise safely.

Exercising is the best way to stay in shape and healthy. No diet can be successful without exercising, and you should exercise even though you do not have a problem with your weight.

But if you are out of shape or have health problems you must always contact your doctor before embarking on exercise regime. Everyone will agree that exercising is a good thing, but having too much of good things is also not good.

Over-exercising, exercising with a wrong technique and losing too much weight in a short time can be very dangerous for your health and well being.

By following these few tips and hints you will be able to avoid strain, sprains and other injuries:

Always warm up before exercising. It prepares your body for activity and therefore helps you to avoid muscles injuries. Do not forget to do some stretching, especially in the morning, when your muscles are less flexible.

Cool down after exercising. Do not stop suddenly, when running, simply slow down. Before stopping do a few stretches which help you to avoid pains later.

Exercise with your limits, do not show off. Start slowly and build up. It might take some time before you will be able to run a mile. Just be patient and listen to your body.. If you feel pain – slow down, if the paid does not go – stop. Relax and try again the next day. Never ignore your body signs.

When you are out of shape, avoid sudden movements. It can put excessive stain on your spine and bones and cause serious injuries.

Drink a lot of water. Dehydrating is very dangerous, so always carry a bottle of water with you. Water not only maintains you body temperature, but also prevents fatigue and muscle cramps.

Wear comfortable clothes. Gyms and tracks are not catwalks. Shoes are especially important and they should be flexible with cushioned soles to prevent joint injuries.


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