Twilight: A Breakthrough in Fantasy Film

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Twilight originates from the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer.It is a story of 17 year old named  Isabella Swan and how her life changes after moving to a small town named Forks. This movie has reached box – office hits not only in the bookstore but also in the movies.

Twilight series novels is considered as the most intriguing books to read. It gives a big effect in the life of the people in the whole nation especially to  the teenagers.It is like the Harry Potter fiasco which has become such a huge deal. Twilight is so captivating it leaves you wanting more.The characters are so vivid and their relationships are so intense which makes reader to  fall in love.The best thing about the book is that it is not only for teenage girls but also for guys and girls out there of all ages.

 On the other hand, there are some fans of the movie who were disappointed when they watched the movie because it is very different from the book. For them  the actors was not able to give justice with their characters. But for me,  the way  Stephanie Meyer wrote the story is wonderful . The reader can feel that they are in the story. Each page has an exciting scene and will make the reader to be curious on what will happen next to the two lovers. It will not be a regret for a reader reading a four hundred ninety eight pages because in every page, you will be amazed.I highly recommend this book or this movie to everyone.


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