How To Do A Head Massage

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How To Do A Head Massage

Individuals reveal that of every single one of the massage strategies out there, a head massage is the most calming, the most comforting and the most revitalizing encounter. This should turn out as no surprise as the head is often recognized as the temple of the body. They had, after all , accommodated the brain, and the brain is responsible for ever bodily work, each corporeal encounter , each mind activity and each pragmatic consequence we have to deal with.

Indeed, there is no refuting the fact that if you like to relieve your companion of the stress and the sorrows and the weariness she suffered from her time, a head rub is the finest way to go.

The dilemma is, not everybody is well acquainted with the of the head rub.

Don’t worry just yet, however. Here’s a truth you need to understand : a head massage is one of the most basic rub methods you can pull off.


Just obey the following guides.

1. Allow your other halflie down on her back. Hold her head using your palms and fingers. When she’s resolved on such a point, you’d see your hands having full grasp on her head. This must act as your first stance.

2. Put your hands on top of her temple, using your thumbs on the core of the said portion. Rub the core of her forehead using your thumbs, while your other fingers rub the edges of her head. This should give a motivating yet refreshing feeling for your partner. Execute this for 5 minutes.

3. For the second stage, put all your fingers on her scalp. Rub her head by caressing her hair with your fingers in a method that replicates shaping of rice pudding. Each and every of your fingers will be in force to guarantee that you will involve a huge portion of your partner’s head. Make this for around 3 minutes.

4. Making use of the same finger movements depicted above, stroke your spouse’s hair from the external lines of her head to the middle of her scalp. Perform this with the use of the correct amount force as necessary. Keep with this for around 3 minutes.

5. Most of the time, you will have some open fingers. Utilize these to look at other parts of your spouse’s head, particularly the ends of the head as well as the lower section of the ear. These are receptive part that are recognized to cause rest from your subject.


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