Diabetic Cat Cure

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A diabetic cat cure

 Our cat displayed signs of diabetes and was diagnosed and prescribed insulin by our vet.

Insulin injections were given 3X/day.

We suspected a problem because of the following symptoms:

Weak hind legs

his feet were slipping out from under him on the floor

he was Walking down on the hocks in back and/or on the wrists in front

he was lying down more often, after traveling only short distances

he had difficulty climbing stairs

he displayed excessive thirst and excessive urination

Diabetes affects the nerves and is called diabetic neuropathy.

Often, an animal may be euthanized after being diagnosed, but cats can recover and become insulin free in a relatively short time.

Below is the protocol we followed to cure our cat.

We obtained: high protein food (50% protein)

             reverse osmosis water

             chromium picolinate



We used 3mg methylcobolomin/day

        200mg chromium picolinate /day

… mixed with the cats daily food

This cat weight is about 15lbs.

We removed the food and put it out only 3x per day at that time the insulin injection was given during his meal.

Working with the vet we gradually reduced the insulin dosage by a fraction of a unit per week until the amount reached zero.

This process took about 4 months. Tests were performed to determine if enough insulin was being given.

Retesting at month 6 revealed blood sugar levels as normal. The cat is insulin free at year number 2!

You will notice the neuropathy will vanish in a couple of months.


…no people food!!!

…always use r/o water

…feed your cats kitty greens (oat grass)

…play time for exercise..every day..a string or laser pointer

..Avoid using chlorine based cleaners or other chemicals in the home

..yearly vet checks

..lots of love


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