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YOUR-FACE, A brand new site that will rock your socks. Your-face is amazing, one of the only few social networking sites that actually listens to its members. It is the only social networking site that I use. I guarantee you, that you will not be disappointed but instead extremely happy and enjoy the site. The site has many fun applications and games that you can play. If you want an application that is not shown you can contact the owner and he will see if he can add it just for YOU. See what I mean, this site is the only one of its kind. It’s enjoyable, fun, lovable and cares about its members. This site won’t suddenly desert you; it is there for YOU. Your-face is a fantastic site that everyone can enjoy no matter what your age or gender. No matter what kind of hobbies or interests you have, your-face appreciates and respects it. Everyone can join, no matter who you are. Your-face is just starting out but will soon become one of the best Social Networking sites out there. Your-face has the best template that a social networking site could have, it is very user friendly and anyone would be able to start and update his or her profile. Your-face  is a social network that helps you to keep up with friends, family and people who work around you as well as that it helps to connects you with new people. Keep track of your friends and see what they’re up to. Reveal your location, meet and chat with people around you. Share your life as it happens by posting photos and notes at locations for others to see. Browse groups, events, which you can be interested in. Upload your favorite songs to your profile and explore new songs from your friend’s players. Three words that sum up your-face, Share, connect and socialize. That’s why your-face is so good, it has loads of awesome features and if one you want isn’t there, then request it has a high chance of being added. Your-face is customizable to what YOU like. You may want this app, this photo, and this group whatever it is you can do it. Don’t worry about getting harassed or your email getting spammed as your-face never gives your information to any 3rd parties and if a member is annoying you, you have the ability to block their contact with you or you can notify an administrator and they will deal with it right away. So, there is no need to be scared of signing up. In final your-face is an awesome social networking site that EVERYONE can enjoy no matter what, it’s customizable to what you like and in final will become a very popular Social Networking site.


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