How to get a motorcycle license in Malaysia

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How to get a Motorcycle license

If you have read my previous article, then you can continue reading this. If not, I recommend you to read that article first before reading this. Click the link below to go to that article which explains the requirement before beginning your journey to get a car license.

Steps to Get Vehicle License

Do not think that this is the same as How to Get a Car License, as the time and test to be taken is different.

If you have passed the computer test you are now qualified to start your way for an L license for motorcycle. There are 3 types of motorcycle license available, which is normally called Learner license, Probationary License and Competent Driver license.

As you just beginning, you will firstly go through a 6 hour session. In the first one and a half hour, you have to listen to a talk and the speaker will explain some common mistake of other people during the license P test and you will also be taught how to get mark during the test. Upon completion of the talk, you will be taken to the circuit and a teacher will teach you the basic knowledge which must be know by drivers. Then, he will also teach you how to drive for four and a half hour. When the lesson finish, you will be granted the L license within a week.

Then, you can start your driving lesson with your respective teacher for 10 hours. Here, you can either learn weekly or every day, depend on when you will sit for the P license test.  During this 10 hours, you will be taught on how to make a figure of eight while driving a motorcycle, going up a four inch bridge and cross it in not less than 7 seconds, emergency brake and hand signals as well. For your information, your L license will only last for 3 months; therefore you have to get a P license within the period. If not, you will have to pay additional money to renew your L license.

For the P license driving test, you will undergo 1 test which is divided into 2 parts. The first part is doing the figure of eight, bridge and emergency brake. If you fail one of them, you will be considered fail for all.  However, u still can take the road test (second part) even though you fail the first part. You only have to retake those tests you fail. If you pass second part, fail first part, you just have to retake the first part. If you fail second part, but pass first part, then you only have to retake second part.

For CLD license, you have to make it 2 years after obtaining the P license.

For more information, refer to your teacher which you can easily get from a Vehicle Learning Centre.

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