Tooth whitening, a bright smile

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Look a beautiful and a radiant smile is an aspiration that has an increasingly demand. Many people go to the dentist not only to solve dental problems, but to improve the aesthetics of their teeth and give them a shimmering white.

Tooth whitening treatments are fairly simple, fast and secure. The techniques used are painless and the dentist is responsible for determining what method and what color is most appropriate in each case.


The color of the teeth provides a wide range of hues, which is determined, as the color of skin or hair, by inheritance. The color is determined by the hue of the core of the tooth or dentin that does not change ever, and enamel, which transparency and ability to reflect the light give their pitch to the tooth.

The teeth are darkening with age, but there are also substances that promote the formation of stains such as coffee, tea, snuff, red wine, and certain foods and medicines.

The color tooth acquires after the teeth whitening treatment depends largely on the tone and the original causes of the darkening. After being bleached, teeth will have a clearer tone, but always depending on the original color of the tooth. That is, the natural color cannot be changed, only clarified.

Dentists have a wide variety of colors samples, so the patient can make a very rough idea of what the outcome of treatment will be.


All tooth whitening treatments should be performed with a good dental health. Prior to the teeth whitening, the dentist must be sure there are no cavities, gums are in good condition and the sensitivity of the teeth is not excessive.

All these precautions are designed to avoid possible infection or a high sensitivity after dental treatment. 
A good dental cleaning is recommended before starting the teeth whitening. This will remove the stains and prepare the teeth for a more effective treatment.


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