Improve your ”game” in 5 steps!

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Many guys don’t have the success they desire in their dating lives, but what most of them don’t realize is that you absolutely can improve your success with women, and it does not require a plastic operation or a million bucks. So with that said, over to the steps…

1. Love Yourself! The only constant factor in the dating game is you. Everything else is fluctuating, but you are constant. IF you truly love yourself, it will shine through to the world, and you become a much more attractive person as a result… So learn to love yourself The opposite is also true – if you hate yourself this is what you’ll be projecting to the world, so don’t be surprised if the girls you meet go running for the hills.

2. Approach! If you see a girl you like, go talk to her. Chances are you will never see her again if you don’t. As a man, it is your responsibility to take action and go for what you want. The girls will not do it, unless you are Brad Pitt or `Vincent Chase. If you aren’t approaching, you are not taking control over your dating success. Period.

3. Don’t care so much about what other people think! This is probably the top reasons we guys get stifled and don’t approach women. They are afraid that other people will laugh and label them ‘’the cheesy guy that hits on girls’’. This is ridiculous thinking. More likely they are admiring your balls of steel as you approach that fine lady, wich brings me to the next point….

4.Don’t put women on a pedestal! Don’t do it! Women are not goddesses, not even the finest ones. If you believe this, they will reject you or put you in the friend zone. Hot girls have issues and nasty habits just like everyone else. Besides, they are not as hot without the mandatory two hours of make-up!

5. Express your personality freely! This is what people mean when they say ‘’be yourself’’. This means that you express your personality with quirks and all freely, without worrying too much about pleasing others. Expressing yourself freely creates emotions and polarity, and it is a very attractive trait. This is what high value people do – just look at Hollywood celebrities.


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