10 Ways To Enjoy A Stay-At-Home Vacation

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  1. Plan your stay-at-home vacation (staycation) as you would if you were planning to travel. Set a beginning and an end date. Create a budget and find activities that fit within your budget. Be sure to plan activities for every day of your vacation.
  2. Make this an opportunity to re-discover your own hometown or nearby wilderness area. Add things to your itinerary that you might not normally consider, like taking a tour, going camping, visiting an exhibit or museum, etc.
  3. Make a pact to put the chores aside. No cleaning or home improvement projects allowed!
  4. Encourage other family members to suggest activities or places to visit. You may be pleasantly surprised with the ideas for a field trip or activity that even the youngest family member comes up with.
  5. Consider limiting (or completely banning) normal activities like watching TV, video game playing or time spent online.
  6. Take a day of your vacation to volunteer as a famiy to a group or cause in your community. Whether it’s cleaning up a beach or a park, helping build a home for a needy family or entertaining seniors, it can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.
  7. Be creative. You don’t have to have a day at an amusement park or travel to another country to enjoy your vacation. Learn a new craft together, stage a neighborhood play, or have a scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless, and can fit any budget.
  8. Stay positive and upbeat. Don’t spend time lamenting what you can’t do, or money you don’t have. Live in the moment, whatever that may be.
  9. Invite other families and friends to join you on a staycation.  You can combine resources possibly, and save even more money.
  10. Be sure to take photos and video to create lasting memories of your “alternative” vacation.

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