Do you know Pat Boone?

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As a fellow gemini, I can understand how Pat Boone was able to do so many things at the same time. A multi talented man, he sang, acted in movies, and even wrote lyrics. Born on 1st June 1934 he was a super star in his own right.

He acted in around a dozen movies, all of which featured many of his own hit songs. He was the predecessor to Elvis whom not too many would remember today. He also hosted his own television show. The man was way ahead of his time. Today he would be a craze to reckon with.

Some of his movies did not do too well, but all of his music was wonderful. If you have heard “Love letters in the sand” you would know what I mean! Or perhaps the more peppy “O Bernadine” is more to your taste.  Late in his career his focus shifted to gospel music and so came off the pop charts. Yet it was no less inspiring.

Born and raised in Nashville it was a given that he would be a great musician. Unlike Elvis and Jim Reeves who are no more and still have their records selling off the charts, Pat Boone is still alive. He was the spokesperson for  Chevrolet in the fifties. And he was seen more recently for his support for the presidential campaigning in 2008 for John McCain.

Yet all things considered, his music from the early days was his true claim to fame. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


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