Tetris : Block Building

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I am not a gaming freak. I have not been a huge fan of online gaming or video games. So let me say that I am definitely not a gaming addict of the kinds I have seen on some forum threads! In fact I am the strict mom who will not let her son play more than half an hour on the computer.

And I have a little secret! I love to play Tetris. You know that game where you get to build walls with different sized bricks? Where the blocks start coming down faster and faster with each level? The one that is so addcitive that you forget about the phone and the doorbell?

It is the one exception in my anti-gaming world. It is the one game that I really love to play. And hide from my son, as I know if he gets it in his hands, I can kiss it goodbye. I use the hand held version of the video game and its very convenient to carry around for a quick game in your spare time.

I wonder if Alexey Pajitnov knew just what a fantastic game he had developed when he first sold it to IBM about 25 years ago? I’m sure IBM knew the potential because it sure lived up to it. In fact most companies knew a good thing when they saw it, and Tetris is one of the games that is available on a number of different platforms.

You can play it online or you can download it and play off line. it is available in flash and you can buy your own version from Nintendo on Amazon. The options are many and varied these days. Although I will be sticking with my little hand held gadget.

So today as the game gets set to celebrate its 25th birthday, (it got operational on 6th June 1984) all I have to say is thank you Alexey Pajitnov! And all the best for the next 25!


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