Roger Federer, The Greatest Ever?

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After winning the recently concluded Roland Garros French Open, Roger Federer became the sixth person in history to win all the Grand Slam events, tied Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slam titles, tied Ivan Lendl’s record of 19 Grand Slam Finals appearance, and recently compiled 20 consecutive Grand Slam Semi-finals appearance. The feat can still be debated by some tennis experts. But as what we are seeing him, a rare downfall of his game, he might not go down as the greatest ever but one of the greatest ever.

Still, many doubt about his greatest in the game. If he will win this coming Wimbledon Open, Sure he’ll break Sampras record with 15 Grand Slam titles, break Lendl with 20 Grand Slam Finals appearance and will complie 21 consecutive Grand Slam Semi-finals apperance. I’m sure anyone out there really contemplate on how an extraordinary person like Federer got this kind of performance.

Doubts might be lessen, greatest of a player will always be remembered. Sampras taught us how to be dominating on serve and volley, but Federer thought us how to dominate the game complelely. That’s how a Swiss superstar plays.

I remembered last time at wimbledon 2001 in the round of 16, wherein Federer clash with Sampras. The game was obviously in seesaw. At the end, Federer wins 7-6 (7) 5-7 6-4 6-7 (2) 7-5. I admit that time, my favorite was the American. But when I saw Federer’s game, I doubt that once this guy improve more, he’ll go down in history as one of the best that ever played in the game.

Now, what has been argued is his status as the greatest ever. Me in my own point of view, if he’ll win the remaining slams Wimbledon and US Open this year, overtake Nadal by reclaiming the no. 1 spot again, defeat Nadal (maybe the greatest clay courter of all time) at Roland Garros next year, surely he will go down in history as the GREATEST EVER unarguelable.


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