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I was glowing on about what a great site Facebook is in my last article here. When I saw something that reminded me of all the applications that I keep getting bombarded with that I don’t enjoy at all. In fact there are some that are down right irritating. So here’s a list of facebook applications I wish had never been invented.

The Poke

So and so poked you. Send a poke back! This is so maddening! I mean what purpose does it solve? Childish non verbal communication does not appeal to me at all. I am forever ignoring pokes! It wastes so much time.

How Well Do You Know Me

It may be general curiosity to see how well your friends know you, but don’t send me a quiz with 20 questions about all the details in your life! It is boring and I don’t want to know you that well at all.

Compare people

How do you compare them virtually? Why would you want to compare them at all? What difference does it make if one has red hair and the other has black? Very irritating.

Quiz Creator

Okay so I enjoyed a quiz and played it. Why does that mean that you invite me to make a quiz? I don’t want to make quizes for you thank you. I’ll think twice before playing one from you next time.

Mega Wall

Hey I already have one wall to write on. Why would I want to repeat all that I said on another wall that you constructed? Its bad enough keeping track of one wall.

Super Wall

Come on now, just how many applications do they have for the same purpose. All with added features that suppose to make it better than fb’s own wall.

Good karma

Okay I believe in the karmic laws but on facebook? Come on sending each other virtual karma? Again serves no purpose. At least I don’t think it does, but obviously many people do use it. And I’m superstitious enough to want to do it anyway. Total time waster.

Top Friends

This is a very difficult application. So many people I know believe that they would be inmy top friends and I do have more than 50 that I need to put in there. So I keep avoiding the application each time I get an invite.

There is so much to like about facebook, but everything has a negative. And if I missed out any that you find particularly irritating feel free to mention it in your comment.

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