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On Facebook or FB as its more popularly known, I have connected with people I have not met in the last 15 years. I have found people I had felt I would never meet again. And I have been surprised many a time by a friend request from some one I don’t know from adam!

I’ve had heaps of fun on FB and these applications listed below have been a major reason for the good times I’ve had.

Word Twist

There is nothing like challenging a friend to a game of word twist and pitting your brains against theirs! As a lover of word games this online version gets tw thumbs up from me.

Birthday Reminders

Never forget another friend’s birthday ever again. Even if you forget to check the reminder the number of wall posts on your friends’s wall will remind you to wish them.

The Daily Tarot Card

This single card message from the Tarot deck is a great application. It gives you your day’s guidance in a simple unobstrusive manner. Being a Tarot reader I get amazed at its accuracy at times.

The Hugs and Smiles

Even if they are virtual they do the trick to cheer me up. A virtual hug or smile is better than no hug or smile at all. Plus the different variations available are such great fun to try out.


This feature allows you to write about what you care and share it with everyone online. It even allows you to link up your latest blog post to the FB profile. Really cool feature.

The IQ and other Online Quiz

So many types that you can take, from your favourite disney character to your personality type. See what your friend’s results are and laugh at your own. Some totally off beat others so very pertinent. Its a great feature.

Charity Causes

One is always hunting for a good charitable cause to contribute to. With FB its simple to contribute as much you want and in such an easy step. I love this feature. Spending money online never felt so good.


The card game that I grew up on. It has its online version on FB. Its still in Beta and does hang the computer at times, but I still enjoy a game or two when I have the time.


You get to see the latest snaps from every one. The kids, the birthday celebrations, the anniversaries or just some holiday snaps. Great fun to share and comment on.

Status Updates

Save the best for last! Just giving vent to how you are feeling “at the moment” and getting instant feedback from your friends. How cool is that? No way a phone call could do that!

So here’s my pick of FB. Tell me what’s your favourite feature?

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