Never Give Up.

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When faced with adversity, never give up. Obstacles will appear to hold you back, fears will arise, but don’t give up…never give up. Jealousy may play a hand in keeping you stuck, just keep pushing forward, keep moving on and don’t ever give up.

Your dreams are yours, they ignite passion in your life and no one, no – no one can live those dreams like you can. There are people who are looking up to you, counting on you and believing in you. Do yourself a favor, believe in yourself and don’t allow yourself to give up.

Regret is a lonely place to live. Success is even better. Live your life to the fullest and remember not to give up your dreams.  Stand strong in the face of your adversities, set your face like a flint; live your life to the fullest and for goodness sake don’t quit.

Sitting on the sidelines watching someone else play is great at times, but there is nothing like being in the game. Feeling the sun on your face, the wind at your back, catching the ball and making the play. It matters not if you win or lose, it matters that you played. You put yourself out there, you went for your dreams. You dug your heels in, even though it was difficult, to do something, be someone and to achieve them. 

Never give up, no matter who tells you something different, you’ll be so grateful that you didn’t give up. You’ll be glad you reached your goals and achieved your dreams.


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