How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home

Silverfish or fishmoth, I know you have seen them. YIKES!!! Are they in your home? There are chemical free, safe for children and pets, easy and effective ways to get rid of Silverfish in your home. Silverfish can do more damage than you think to your home! Silverfish are a wingless insect about 1/2 inch to an inch and are silvery blue in color and have a fish-like appearance with it ‘s movements. Whatever they are they gross me out!!!! Silverfish prefer dark areas such as kitchen cabinets. Silverfish also like papery areas such as old books and newspaper stacks, areas with high humidity. Get rid of those old newspapers to help you get rid of those Silverfish!!! Silverfish can be found anywhere in your home including garages, closets, underneath beds, couches, electrical appliances such as keyboards, yes anywhere. Silverfish like to feed on the glue behind your wallpaper. If you let it go on for too long they can cause costly damage that will significantly lower the value of your home or cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in repairs. Silverfish like paper and this includes your precious photos.

Silverfish also like to munch on starch and sugar and can easily get into your cereal boxes. That’s enough to gross anyone out!!! Silverfish are also attracted to eating silk, synthetic fabrics and cotton clothing, so they may be crawling around in your clothes when you hang them in the closet. You won’t be too happy when you put on shirt that has silverfish in it or in your curtains. You might find Silverfish in your shower or bath munching on your shampoo or shaving cream, they like the cellulose ingredients. Did you know that Silverfish, in extreme cases, can live up to a year with no food!!! It is easy to tell where silverfish are, because they are always near some food. You can catch them in starches, sugars and protein. Starch is a silverfish favorite, so watch your food carefully. I keep my sugars and cereals in air tight containers, keep them fresh also. You can also find silverfish in synthetic fibers, cereals, silk, starched fabrics, wallpaper pastes and glues. If you think a specific part of the house is infested, then clean that part thoroughly before silverfish can damage your stuff. Signs that silverfish had fed on something include notches, holes and scrapings with irregular shapes.

Usually, you will see these marks on wallpaper because silverfish try to get the paste. You will also notice yellow stains on your shirts, pants and any type of fabric. One way to find out if you have Silver is to mix water and flour together in order to prepare a thin paste, and then with the help of this paste paint both the sides of few index cards. When the index cards get dry, locate them in the regions where you think you have silverfish. If there are few irregular notched edges and scrapping on the index cards, then you have Silvrefish. To get rid of Silverfish, you have to go to the source. Silverfish live in moist areas. In your house, moisture is high in places where water is present, like in piles of mulch, piles of leaves, attics, kitchens, bathrooms, leaks and sinks. Silverfish also thrive in books, bookshelves, water heaters, stoves and laundry rooms, because they like it in places where the humidity level is high. Silverfish can be controlled through moisture reduction, you can reduce moisture at home. Fix everything that leaks. It’s best to use silicone caulk in infested areas to cover cracks. You can also use humidifiers inside the house. Silverfish don’t survive in dry environments. Ann Cohen is an organic garden who loves to share her tips and tricks about organic gardening.

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