Healing Acne

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Throughout our lives, we are in many situations in which pimples are with us and we do not know how we can get rid of them. They appear in adolescence, in situations of stress and because of other reasons. Whichever the reason is there are no excuses for not taking the caring needed.

Instead of using expensive chemicals and soaps it should be used exclusively natural mild disinfectant products for a long time. To do this, simply wipe skin with a neutral pH bath gel or cleaning milk from a natural products store. To remove the dead skin from the superficial skin layer we can do a peeling, without side effects, from a mixture of medicinal clay, or almond shells with a little water. Then wash the skin with a warm herbal tea and horsetail or just the resulting mixture of hot water and adding a dash of natural apple vinegar.

To disinfect pimples, there is a home remedy very effective and very easy to perform. You just need an aspirin and a glass of water. Dissolve the aspirin dissolves in the glass of water and apply it in the pimple, using a piece of cotton. In this way, pimples get disinfected and they will heal faster and better.

When acne is very severe we will need specific products for problematic skins. There are lines of cosmetics for skin prone to the appearance of acne. For example HD Scar Solution has a dual treatment to heal skin injuries as acne, acne scars and scars in general.



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