grooming a parrot or parakeet

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The begining of having a groomed bird is buying a special bath tub for a bird. Now if you don’t want to spent all thatnice money in your wallet you can turn on just a little bit of water and let your bird get into it don’t push it make birdie bath times very fun for you and your bird by also clipping it’s nails. To clip nails it could take two people. One family member or a friend you trust will hold the bird in a towel. while you will be taking clipers and gently cutting them be sure not to get into the quick which will make the bird bleed. If you do not put a stop to the bleeding the bird will prevent that just cut the very itty bitty end of the nail. To stop the bleeding nail you can buy this thing called quick stop before cutting ust in case you happen to make the mistake.Remember your bird will appreciate what you did for it. Grooming a bird may seem hard the first time and even when you are about to do it but theres nothing to worry about your parakeet justknows that you are doing the best for it. if you clip their wings thought they won’t be much of a fan. Clever parakeet are always around because there is no such thing as a bad parakeet,but there are bad owners and I hope you are not one of them. always follow your birds pace of clipping.

tip;a person can be giving the bird millet while the clipping will be going on to distract the bird.


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