Make Money Online While Getting Rid Of Your Junk On Bonanzle

We’ve all heard the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure” right? People have been selling their stuff at flea markets and yard sales forever, but that limits your market to just locals or if your in the right area tourist, which is usually a seasonal market. Thanks to the internet it is so much easier to make money while getting rid of your junk. You can sell your stuff online. There are plenty of places you can set up a cyber booth to make a little cash. Ebay or Amazon are a couple of the largest websites offering you a place to sell your stuff. Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling items. Bonanzle’s slogan is “Find Everything but the Ordinary”. That means there’s a market for all the stuff that you’ve out grown, never bothered with or just simply don’t have any use for anymore. With Bonanzle you can sell your junk to anyone you are willing to ship to.

To create an account you need to sign up on there registration page. Once your account is active you can start to add the items you want to sell. With Bonanzle you can choose a set price for your items, or choose the option to negotiate. That means buyers can offer you a price on that item and you can except the best offer. It also gives you the ability to barter with a buyer untill you both feel that the price is fair. You can also set your own shipping fees, or use the bonanzle tool that will choose a fee based on the current usps standard rates.

Bonanzle has handy easy to use tools to help you get more sales, making it even easier to sell you stuff & make money online. They have a tool that will add your items to Google. With this tool you can easily set up automatic feeds for your items or choose to submit your items when you want.  Submitting your booth to Google products will increase your booth traffic giving you more paying customers.  Bonanzle even has tools to help you quickly post your items on twitter and Craigslist. If you are already selling your stuff on Craigslist or EBay you can utilize bonanzas tools to import your current items for sale right into your Bonanzle booth. Bonanzle also offfers great messaging tools allowing you to talk to customers.

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