Holocaust Museum Shooting

In this day and age you would think that people were finally going to wise up to the fact that all men are created equal. Apparently not as displayed by the Holocaust Museum Shooting in Washington today. The shooting resulted in 3 people being wounded. Two of them, including the 88 yr old gunman himself and one security guard were victims of gunfire while one of the wounded was apparently by the breaking glass of one of the windows. The gunshot wound victims are both being treated at George Washington Hospital. Let’s hope they work a little harder on one than the other.

James von Brunn, an 88 year old former Nazi officer has a long a dedicated history of neo-nazism. The Holocaust Museum shooting was probably not really considered a big deal to him since he has already spent 6 years in federal prison do to various crimes such as federal attempted kidnapping and firearms charges. Seriously, how does someone like this get to just roam around Washington carrying a “long gun” when some of us can’t even allow our children to play in the front yard with squirt guns without homeland security throwing down the SWAT team?!

Already there are speculations about Obama’s actions provoking this man. I personally didn’t vote for Obama and it had nothing to do with his color. However, all this man did was to pay tribute to the victims of the holocaust at the former concentration camp Buchenwald, Germany where 56,000 lives were taken during the holocaust. Now, excuse me for saying so, but isn’t blaming Obama for the acts of an obviously deranged madman such as the one involved in the Holocaust Museum shooting going just a bit far?

Apparently, James von Brunn has some paranoia issues as well. Part of his website that I won’t even mention because I refuse to direct traffic there claims that Jewish people are trying to dilute a pure race. Are they taking over the world? Is that the idea? That’s right, small Jewish children all over the world are being trained to fornicate with someone with blue eyes and blonde hair…just to irritate the neo-nazis. Oh yea, that’s completely rational. Give me a break. Let’s just cut to the chase and assume based on his history alone, that the man who decided to walk into the Holocaust Museum shooting was not a lunatic but a direct deliverer of hate and evil. For all the things that get stood up for..or at least used to get stood up for in America, if this man gets off on a plea of insanity, maybe Americans just need to take a stand for a minute.

As far as blaming Obama, give me a break. This man gets the top job in the country and is handed a complete and total mess right along with “congratulations”. He’s probably doing good himself not to cop a plea of insanity. He cannot possibly be blamed in any way for the acts of any hate groups based on his own show of compassion. The day that its okay to blame an act of compassion for something like the Holocaust Museum shooting is the day we need to just acknowledge the the cheese has slid right off the cracker of humanity!

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