10 Storage and Packing Tips

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  1. Labels: Putting labels or markings of some sort of every single box you plan to store will help you to sort things later on. This will also make it easier if you are storing seasonal items, because you’ll be able to tell which boxes contain Halloween things, Easter stuff, etc.
  2. Box sizes: Try to keep all your storage boxes the same size. This will make storing them easier because it keeps everything uniform.
  3. Stacking: Put your lighter boxes on top of your heavier boxes. This decreases the chance of damage, and it can make those boxes easier to move around should you need to.
  4. Inventory: Make a list of each box and what can be found in each box. It might sound like a lot of work, but it can make your life so much easier when you’re seeking that elusive object you know you’ve got shoved away somewhere.
  5. Yard tools: Shovels and rakes and similar tools for the yard can be stored together in an empty garbage can or even in an old golf bag. This keeps similar items together, and they’re right there for your use when needed. You could also tie an old belt around the tools.
  6. Cover: Furniture to be placed in storage should have at least a thin cover, maybe an old sheet, placed over it. This will keep off the dust, and can help prevent scratches and wear and tear to the furniture when boxes and items around the furniture are being shifted or moved.
  7. Inside those boxes: It’s a simple rule. Heavier items on the bottom. Lighter items on top. Again, this will help lessen the chances of damage. Also make sure you’re aware of anything going on top of each box, such as other boxes, so you don’t put something too heavy there. If you don’t watch for this, it could lead to a heavier box squishing down on lighter material in the box beneath, possibly damaging something or ruining the lower box.
  8. Hang it up: Pegboards can be useful for keeping tools and paintbrushes and the like out of the way while still keeping them handy for use when needed. Hang the pegboards on the walls of your garage or a storage shed, and this will save you from having more boxes to stack.
  9. Use your furniture:Make use of any storage space within your furniture pieces. Empty drawers can be an excellent spot for fragile items that have been wrapped in bubble wrap and newspaper.
  10. Special containers:If you have certain items that are quite precious and fragile, for example jewelry or plateware or other family heirlooms, use specially-made storage boxes for these items. Most truck rental places will have these special boxes. Boxes for dishes will have multiple separators within to keep the plates from banging against one another.

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