Due to the Use of Colloidal Silver, the Smurf’s May Be Gaining a New Santa Claus

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It looks like Paul Karason wants to be the Smurfs’ Santa Claus. His skin is a purplish blue and he sports a white beard. Despite the color of his skin, he seems to possess the charisma to be a “jolly old elf.” The only problem would be that he is much bigger than the Smurfs.

Still, if a town existed where Smurfs lived, he might actually be accepted. It did not happen in Oregon. Perhaps he’ll be accepted in Boise, Idaho (or perhaps it is Medera, California, according to
other reports) where he moved.

So, why is Karason so blue?

Over a decade ago, Karason started medicating himself for dermatitis. (Dermatitis is a condition that results in swollen, red, and itchy skin.) He would extract silver into water to make colloidal silver. He would then drink the colloidal silver and rub it all over his skin. As he did this, his skin started turning blue. It was not mentioned until a friend came to visit him and asked, “What did you do?”

For some reason, colloidal silver is billed as a cure all by many people. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend the u unsupervised use of colloidal silver. The FDA also does not recommend personally making colloidal silver, which Karason does. In fact, colloidal silver is banned from over the counter sales, though it is available if it is actually prescribed. It is also a substance that is approved for the sanitization of doctors offices and hospital rooms.

There are many side effects. Yes, one of the listed side effects is blue skin. This side effect is called angyria. Angryria is an irreversible condition that causes skin, nails, and gums to turn a blue-gray color.

There are many other side effects such as seizures, kidney damage, indigestion, headaches, fatigue, and skin irritation.

Despite these warnings, Karason continues to self-medicate every day. There are different reports about how much he uses, but none listed a certain amount. Karason’s blue color has not held his social life back much. He has a girlfriend who says that she does not even think about the color of his skin.

Karason’s girlfriend does say that he does not think about the color unless people either start to point or laugh, or both. However, he does not tend to go out much into public.

So, hopefully he’ll find acceptance in Boise, Idaho.

If not, perhaps Karason, despite his size, will have to find the community of the


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