How to Enjoy the Combination of the Flavors Chocolate, Orange, and Peanut Butter.

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The other day my mom and I were at Sonic. We each ordered a Sonic Blast with Butterfinger pieces and two shots of orange flavoring. The carhop brought our order and asked us, “Why do you always get these? Are they good?”

My mind immediately thought of Bill Engvall and I just wanted to reach out with one of those amber diamonds that said “I’m Stupid” and say “Here’s your sign.”

However, I didn’t have a sign, nor did I even say “Here’s your sign.” Instead, I just said, yes, they’re good.

I guess it does seem a little odd to have orange syrup added to ice cream that has Butterfinger pieces in it. At least it seems odd at first.

Everybody seems to know that chocolate and peanut butter go together quite well. That’s been known for years. Then, in recent years, people have noticed that chocolate and orange go together quite well also.

So, why not mix the three flavors? It’s true that just orange and peanut butter may not taste great together. However, if both are sweetened, they would probably taste good together. Drinking an orange soda and eating Reese’s Peanut Butter cups sounds like a delicious treat.

Honestly, at first, I was even hesitant to try the combination, but then I remembered a treat that my mom made when I was young. I was honestly surprised at how much I loved it as it did not seem like my type of treat.

There was no baking involved. All my mom had to do was line a cookie sheet with foil. She mixed some peanut butter, honey (I think this was in there, but maybe there was no honey), and Tang mix together to bind the solid parts. I remember that I got to mix Cheerios, rolled oats, and chocolate chips together.

After these were both mixed, we mixed the two things together. Then we poured out the entire mixture onto the lined cookie sheet. We flattened out the mixture using a rolling pin and our hands.

Then we put the whole mixture into the fridge and let it set so it was solid. It may have been a few hours or it may have been a day we waited. Then we took out the treat and broke it into pieces and put it into a Zip Lock bag.

I can remember how much I loved to eat that treat. I would go in and get a bit of it for dessert or for a snack. I often opted to eat that instead of other candies or sweets.

So, now, it makes perfect sense to me why I love the Sonic Blasts with Butterfinger and two shots of orange syrup.

The flavor combination and taste really is amazing.

Even I forget that I can’t always judge how something will taste before I try it.


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