Kirsten Dunst – Will She Act As The Spidey Girl Again In Spiderman 4?

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As the producer Todd Black said that she will be acting in the movie sequel.

Dunst‘s return to the role of Mary Jane Watson was thrown into doubt after Raimi told reporters the actress was still pondering whether to rejoin the cast.

But it has been confirmed the 26 years old will reunite with Tobey Maguire who had already agreed a deal to appear in the fourth and fifth movies.

The film’s producer Todd Black rubbished rumours Tobey’s character would wed Kirsten‘s Mary Jane in the film.

He said that he have no knowledge of that subplot.

But Todd did discuss the film’s villain, which has been taken from the original comic book series.

‘Spider-Man 4’ is due to be released in 2011

I can’t wait for this movie as this is one of my favourite movies and I have collected all of the movies dvd from number one untill the latest one.

I hope that in the upcoming sequel will be more thrilled and more excitement. Yup! the villian is the most important things for me to look at…

For sure the number of villain is more than one. I think the villains on spiderman 4 is the lizard and carnage dylan barker as the lizard jim carrey as carnage. jim carrey will play good as carnage in spiderman 4 dylan barker will be good as the lizard venom will be back help spiderman defeat the lizard and carnage

Yeah, we just look and see…


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