taming session with a parakeet

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Having a tame parakeet is imporant especially if you only have one.The first thing you need to do is buy some millet and be sure that your parakeet is in th emood for millet.If you have another treat your bird loves please use that.Now lure your parakeet out of the cageuseing the treat.Let them have a little nibble and when they reach for another barely move it from them.Once you got the parakeet out of the cage remember that the parakeet is scared so don’t  push the bird on to your hand just yet.Now all you do is sit and read books to your bird maybe call someone and just talk on the phone.This will make your parakeet used to your vioce and you sitting by it.Don’t make any eye contact while doing this.After you maybe have been doing this for about 30 minutes.You can hang up and start just looking at the bird and talking to it.Now this step is quick so you can just do this for about two minutes.Now you can start moving  your hand the tinest bit next to the parakeet.Try to go as far as the bird lets you don’t push your luck just be still and move like the hand is not even moving.The best time t move your hand is when the bird is busy with eating the treat or preening it’s self.Now you can put the treat behind your hand so the bird will have to step up to get the treat.Soon your parakeet will get used to doig this,but only if you do it at the same time and same place do not switch rooms.


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