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Desperately trying to escape,

The fire inside the mind.

Hatred with no destination,

Fear its ultimate design.

Crying out for help,

The disease has overcome.

Ventilation for the brain,

And certain death for some.

Natural it is this emotion,

Just need to learn control.

Anger touches everyone,

From the heart to deep inside the soul.

Anger is a killer and along with anger comes rage and hatred. Today we deal with these things in many different ways. Mostly anger is good if managed and not corralled and saved up for one explosion. It is an emotion that helps us releases feelings that overwhelm and corrupt our thinking.

In many cases anger is displaced and when it comes to point it has reached a level that become outbursts of rage and animosity. Like all emotions Anger needs to be dealt with almost immediately.  The above poem is a reaction to anger and it portrays anger as a living breathing creature that grows hungry and has desires that need to be met. If anger gets to this level it has gone too far and needs to be diverted into a stable thought. Do not let anger control you; you must be in control of it. Anger is the Route 66 for an early grave especially if it is allowed to control you. You will only benefit from anger management and those around you will like you a whole lot more. Anger affects everyone and everyone finds anger to be a hindrance  to all.

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