What is the Best Questions and Answer Site on the Internet?

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It seems that whenever somebody needs an answer to something they cannot find or simply does not want to bother looking for on search engines, they are told to go to Yahoo! Answers.

Yahoo! Answers does provide a community that can ask questions and give answers to those questions. However, it is not the greatest community. A person gets 100 points when they first join Yahoo! Answers. This enables them to ask questions as asking a question will cost them five
(5) points.

Two (2) points are lost for deleting an answer.

Points are only earned by answering a question, voting for a best answer to a question, and having your answer being chosen as the best answer.

The other thing about Yahoo! Answers is that while it seems to have a large variety of categories for questions, it is actually quite small. There are only 27 categories with no subcategories for sorting them. Then, Yahoo! Answers does not like people to ask silly questions or jokes.

Some people think it is great for promoting websites or articles because they can answer questions with the URL if it gives a relevant and good answer.

This can be an okay way to promote some content.

However, there is a much better question and answer site on the Internet. It is surprising that it is not mentioned more.

Answerbag is probably the best questions and answers site currently offered. Users there do not lose points for asking questions.

Instead of users only being able to choose one best answer, they get to rate the answers for a question. The highest and lowest amount of points that can be given for rating increase and decrease a user gains more points.

The best part is that negative ratings do not take away from a user’s points. Instead, they simply bury a question down near the bottom of the category that it is in and lower the percentage rating of a user.

Then, users can also earn points by marking questions and answers as nonsense or spam/offensive content if that is true. Questions can also be marked as duplicates (and a question that is the duplicate must them be chosen from a list provided by Answerbag) or in the wrong category and the correct category can then be chosen.

When asking a question, there are 26 main categories, but each of them has at least two subcategories and some of the subcategories even have subcategories. Answerbag also has an “Out of the bag” category for funny or silly questions, an “Entertainment – Jokes” category for jokes, and an
“Entertainment – Riddles” category for riddles.

Content, websites, and articles can be promoted in the same way on Answerbag. However, a question such as, “Will you read my content at Associated Content (with the URL given)” will be marked as spam because it is self promotion.

However, even questions relating to articles can be asked, and a URL can be included in a question. That is as long as answers are truly being sought and the article may help to get answers.

So, Answerbag easily trumps Yahoo! Answers in the questions and answer site content.


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